Posted by: drcow | June 5, 2010

Weekly Desk.

Cleaned up a little today, not a lot but still it’s something!

This week felt it took years to pass by and quite depressing. 😦
Been trying to find a new job because every day at my current work is pretty much a Monday Blues day which is not a good sign!

The first week that I put my CV online I had a nice amount reactions but in the end getting the ” Sorry, we had other applications that had better CV’s or slighty more experience ” quote slammed in my face. 😦 Same at the companies I tried to apply to or even not getting a reaction at all which is more depressing / rage depending how you look at it.
So I’m pretty much in the road of I will accept any job they throw at me, so I can at least leave my current work.

Since I use to keep tracking of my figures. For the amount I got, community, sharing pictures etc. Finding out that I didn’t reach the 100th figure that I claimed to have! They did some reorganisation where my total count of figures dropped from 101 to 97 since key chains ( tako luka’s ) didn’t count as figures. So I wonder which figure will be my 100th figure!

So this week has been ok. No loot to cheer me up though 😦 but did bought some lottery tickets where the jackpot is on €27.5 million and it will be cashed out 100% so who knows I will be a happy otaku on 10th of June… Then again the chance getting hit by Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker is bigger 😛



  1. D: same here, because of exams >.<

    Hopefully youll find a nice job =)

    Same here i had 25 but then went down to 23 =/

    hehe jackpot hey :3

  2. Good luck in your job hunting!

    For me, my week has felt so short, maybe because I’m going to school again.

    • Do well in school = having a better / fun job in the future! Trust me I failed so 😉

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