The blogger

Ooush! ( Hi like Kagami of Lucky Star! 😛 )

Little about me :

Really shy to the bone!

I have been collecting figures give or take from November 2008. Saber Lily figma being my first one and only of that year. Trying to hold myself in so I won’t go crazy and buy everything!

Addict to anime, like to check forums and read discussions of certain animes. The standard stuff.

Learning to play bassguitar. Like to play with my nendoroids and Figma’s in my spare time.

Any tips are very welcome and comments about posts and the blog itself!

Thanks and Enjoy your stay!



  1. Hey, I’ve been a visitor to this blog recently and found it interesting/nice =)
    Would like to exchange links to each blog?

    • I’m always game in exchanging links!

      • Meaning yes?
        Ive already added you to mine ^^”

      • Indeed meaning yes! =D

      • Yay cool, your banner is up on mine!
        see you around each blog! and thanks =)

      • I totally stole Fabrice’s Banner-blogroll idea MONTHS back. :3

      • Should totally get a new layout so I can put up banners aswell! Hmmz…

  2. I just found your blog via twitter by Jlist.
    My our fandom of Nanoha unite us!

    I put you blog onto my long blogroll. I really like your site.

    • Nanoha banzai! =D

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