Posted by: drcow | June 12, 2010

Weekly Desk.

Well this week was well… don’t know but I was and still am feeling so down. Reason for it I don’t know lol.

Anyway this week was another week of job hunting and got a company interested in me and will hear it monday if it’s a yes or no. Monday will be an exciting day but something tells me it’s a no… 😦 Other then that it was pretty much a normal boring week. Sold one box of Vocaloid Petit Nendoroids though, got some extra cash now in my special savings for Dollfie Dream!

Still haven’t unboxed my loot of the past weeks, reasons being lazy and no frickin space!!! I mean Shamal is huge, not that I’m complaining about it but my display cases are though. Need some serious brainstorming to do so I can fit Shamal somewhere….

Well not a lot to talk about to be honest. Gonna have some friends over in a couple of hours for some drinking and fun! Oh yeah…. Tomorrow there is no church!!! * Does happy dance *

Drcow out.



  1. Wishing you luck in getting the job!

    • Thanks!

  2. All the best for the job!
    get well mate! O:
    watch animu lol
    Yes space is quite a problem, im lucky i have space.. so far.

    • Also said that last year to myself that I have enough space… Goes way to fast.

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