Posted by: drcow | June 5, 2010

My room, what a mess.

* Entrance to my room *

My room has been a mess lately… Just somehow I don’t have the urge to clean it up proper. To make it worse, my little brother bought a new desk which looks awesome and want one aswell but no cash and space but anyway, his other desk will be placed in my room. At least we gonna check if it fits and if it will look good in my room.

Moved my detolf which was located behind my main desk underneath my window. Had to moved it there since of the ISP guy needed to get to the modem which is hidden nice in the corner and all… Basically my detolf is in front of the tv. But that is not a big deal since haven’t watched tv or played games for a very long time and waking up seeing Nanoha is not that bad 😀

As you can see, very close to my bed. In front of my tv pretty much. Quite crowded there! Still amazed I haven’t kicked the detolf when asleep… Now I have said that I will do it the next day. Great job jinxing it Drcow!

Bad habit of mine. Bought some snacks for late night snacking, argh!!!

My left view of my desk! Need to do some serious cleaning tonight or I have to slap myself in the face!

Lets see how far I have progressed when I post my Weekly Desk.



  1. Looking at the bright side, u got nice figures to keep my eyes distracted in thinking it’s a messy room. 🙂

    • Mission completed! 😛

  2. Looking nice!
    but doesnt that detolf is in the way?

    anyway i give seal of otaku approval XD

    • It is in the way. Can’t relocate at the moment. But not using my tv atm so it oke for now 😛

  3. That’s a modest mess, I see a lot worse of one frequently *innocent whistle* At least you own a detolf, no Ikea around here -.-;

    • My room has been in a worse condition then this but that was many blue moons ago and I trying to keep it on a “decent” level of cleaniness since then.

      No Ikea at all or there is one but way to far to go there?

  4. I’ve given up on cleaning my room since it always gets messy after I clean it. lol

    Your room still looks nice even if its messy. 🙂

    • Thanks 😀 Should always clean though even if it get messy afterwards! ;P

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