Posted by: drcow | December 26, 2010

Giveaway entry XD

Just entered on giveaway entry where you can win $100 on items of HLJ. Well thought myself why not?! Got nothing to lose! Is the linkie to the main post with more pictures.

Posted by: drcow | December 11, 2010

Still alive?

I think so…. Been a long time that I updated my blog T_T

With my new work I barely got enough free time for other stuff, but should me catching up a bit now and better planning it will be back I hope.

For now just a few pictures I took many moons ago 😀

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Posted by: drcow | October 3, 2010

Schoolgirl Nanoha

How do I look?

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Posted by: drcow | October 3, 2010

Nanoha & Mari

Been a long time I posted something and spending some time with my girls.

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Posted by: drcow | September 19, 2010

Random Pictures.

Some random pictures. Haven’t done a lot of things lately since being busy and lazy 😦

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Posted by: drcow | September 4, 2010


Nanoha insisted she had to show off her new hair! :3

Posted by: drcow | August 31, 2010

My second daughter. Mari!

Today I received my second daughter! Nanoha is very happy of not being alone anymore!

Only have been less then a week but hey!

Nanoha snatched the box from me right away!

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Posted by: drcow | August 27, 2010

Nanoha Takamachi. Welcome!

Few pictures I took this evening. I realize it is not as easy I thought of dressing her up and all. Had trouble with the wig of getting it decent, but I guess it will be easier with experience. First timer so with more practise it would be easier.

Putting her stockings aswell her panties :3 wasn’t that easy. The fact that I was extremely carefull as well didn’t help doing faster either. But enough talking here are some pictures! Not great pictures ( my light source sucks, need to borrow my sister’s flash next time ). Untill then…. Nanoha~! :3

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