Posted by: drcow | August 31, 2010

My second daughter. Mari!

Today I received my second daughter! Nanoha is very happy of not being alone anymore!

Only have been less then a week but hey!

Nanoha snatched the box from me right away!

Nanoha claimed Mari of her own!

Nanoha yuri mode is activated and I’m not allowed to come near her… T_T

Nanoha is helping Mari dressing up…

Right Nanoha?


What are you doing there?!

Nothing you say? …Well I better not argue with Nanoha due to certain things how Nanoha treat people who don’t agree with her 😀

Best friends already!



  1. Congrats!

    • Thanks!

  2. Two, soo soon! haha
    Love the dressing up photos too XD

    • Yep, it will stay that way for a while XD. Thanks, getting a bit better in dressing them up and putting the wigs on. Still being very carefull though 😛

  3. Told ya so! LOL Congrats again! 😀

    • Thanks! =D

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