Posted by: drcow | August 27, 2010

Nanoha Takamachi. Welcome!

Few pictures I took this evening. I realize it is not as easy I thought of dressing her up and all. Had trouble with the wig of getting it decent, but I guess it will be easier with experience. First timer so with more practise it would be easier.

Putting her stockings aswell her panties :3 wasn’t that easy. The fact that I was extremely carefull as well didn’t help doing faster either. But enough talking here are some pictures! Not great pictures ( my light source sucks, need to borrow my sister’s flash next time ). Untill then…. Nanoha~! :3



  1. Wooo! She’s so cute, ne? ^^

    Again, glad you got her! 😀
    Just don’t leave the stockings on for too long lol

    • Too cute! Will don’t leave the stockings and wig on too long XD

  2. She looks cute. ^^

    Well better be cautions and take time than have something rip or get damaged. Many clothes can seem to be tough to put on as they’re rather tight.

    Had lots of trouble with wigs the first time too, you’ll get better at it and once a wig has taken to the head shape, it’ll be easier to put on.

    • Yeah, better prevent it then cure it.

      Ah oke, atleast that is a normal thing then. Had really some trouble with it. Gonna go paranoid then thinking hmmz… mistake? etc. phew.

  3. Love the pic with nendo. So cute!

    • Thanks! 😀

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