Posted by: drcow | August 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

Today was it official! Dollfie Dream world had another victim.

Can’t believe it!

I’m actually scared I will damage her when I will dress her up…

More pictures will come tomorrow! Gonna try my best tonight then going to bed for work early in the morning T_T



  1. Just make sure you have clean hands and don’t pull or twist too hard on anything, common caution will suffice.

    You can always grab simple white cotton gloves to wear while handling them, they’re cheap and most pharmacies usually sell them.

    • Thanks for the tip! Now I will not touch her before I got some of those gloves! Just incase

  2. Weee~ Nanoha arrive first!

    • Yeah! 😀

  3. I see she has arrived! With the price of dolfies you really need extreme precautions haha.

    • Indeed! and they take need a lot of time aswell!

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