Posted by: drcow | August 7, 2010

New display setup and desk!

Did some moving around in my room, for making space for a new display case that I got for free! 😀

This is how my “main” display cases look for now.

All mine Feito-chan’s sadly have to endure the dust till there will be a display case big enough to fit them all…

One figure is missing in mine display cases which is Miku World is Mine figure. Need to find a good place to put her. For now she is just roaming around my desks… Haha.

The view from my desk.

A view from above.

A few small changes to my desk layout. When I done with more cleaning and thinking how I can hide the stuff. Then a post will come up how my room looks like 😛



  1. Maaa maa maa! look at this. :9
    Very nice, there is still some space in the cupboard…*go buy more figures! lol

    • I can’t buy more! Mari is waiting for me… 😛

  2. For free? Lucky you.. Love your new display setup. Really those Fate figures eats a lot of space.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah they eat a lot of space but kinda used to it now. Gonna be in shock when a Fate figure doesn’t need a lot of space Haha

  3. Your display cases are amazing, especially free! Lucky you. :3

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