Posted by: drcow | July 3, 2010

Random Vacation Part 1.

I know it is kinda late like 6 months late but better late then never right?

Here are some pictures that I took when on my vacation in Vietnam. General photo’s so not only nendoroids :). There are a few but not many…

This can be a heavy photo post for some people so bear that in mind!

The small family getting some fresh air.
Practising with shooting in the dark.

My sisters boyfriend eating with chopsticks! ( Yes, the locals find that quite amusing to see ) and some random pictures of the family as well.

Getting up quite early = taking these pictures.

Stairs of agony…

Random view picture 😛


One of the tour busses we travel with.

Sunset or Sunrise I don’t remember 😦

From the 6 flights I took during my vacation. 1 of them was at the window woot!

Students… with some cuties in there hihi.

A nice cave.


More practise in the dark.

And as a lol photo:



  1. Woa vietnam looks nice, definetly should visit there some time.

  2. Vietnam looking nice. And lol, you’re packing your nendos in the way I pack my Figmas haha.

    Would travel there if I had the chance.

    • If you got the money and know where to travel and stay for cheap it is worth it!

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