Posted by: drcow | June 19, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week been boring and exciting at the same time. Still stuck at my current work which I hate a lot. Had a reply from a company where I applied and got sadly turned down 😦 . Yesterday ( friday ) I went to another company called TomTom for a job interview and will hear at earliest monday if I get a second interview which I’m really dieing to get it. The job at TomTom would be so awesome! Great community, great working place, the works! So pretty much praying to death to get that job!

I did received some loot this week which I will try do take some pictures of and unpackage some loot from weeks ago! Need to kick myself in the face tomorrow to actually do it! Other than that nothing special… Still searching for a new job which I hope to get end of this year at least, same for a Nanoha Dollfie Dream!



  1. TomTom… isnt that the one that does the GPS? O.o

    anyway all the best/

    • Yep that is correct!

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