Posted by: drcow | May 30, 2010

This month loot!

This month loot haven’t been big but that is because I’m taking it easy. Can’t spend all my money while I want a DD right?

Only got 3 figures which is compared to my “normal” loot standard quite low but it doesn’t matter! I’m glad I got these.

Shamal! I think I’m one of the few out there that actually like Shamal despite she having almost no screening time compared to Vita and Signum. Nonetheless she is one great figure! Her box is way bigger then I expected! When I saw AmiAmi box in my room I was like: There is no way she is that big, but was quite wrong… hehe. Just need to get Vita to get the complete team and Subaru for the complete Alter Nanoha StrikerS team. Need to get them somewhere cheap 😀

Next up is the infamous Feng Pastel Box containing Nagase Minato! She is a hottie! Despite the anime being not great but the OVA made that up with this pretty scene:

…. 😀

Well next up is my 100th!!! figure.

Sanae! :3 Just had to get her when I saw that adorable crying face!

But the big question is when are picture reviews… When I looked around in my room I realised that I barely got space to display them ( not counting Sanae since she is a nendo ) so my reaction to it was this:



  1. Congratz to your 100th figure ^^
    I still have a lot to buy to get there.

    Nagase is cute, but not worth enough to buy a figure from her.

    But Sanae… ❤

    • Thanks! Sanae is indeed <3!

  2. Wow nice loot!
    all of them i missed out :_:

    Ahaha lucky.. but lol really no space? D:

    • Sadly it is true… I don’t space for Shamal neither Nagase. Need to do some rearrangement here and there to make them fit atleast Nagase should be easy but Shamal…. T_T

  3. Nice loot! The Shamal figure came out really nice!

    • Can’t wait to have a spot to display her 😀

  4. Nice loot ^^ Sanae is really adorable !

    • Ain’t she? 😀

  5. Congrats on your nice loot!
    I want that Sanae! She’s too cute!

    • Thanks! You should get her, she is too cute to pass!

  6. Did u pick up Nagase Minato from AmiAmi?
    Dam she’s hot. 😉

    • Can’t disagree there! And yes, got her from AmiAmi.

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