Posted by: drcow | May 29, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week was a great week!

Because I finally got internet access back at my home!!! Although it is not complete yet since our home telephone line is still not fixed. Since considering my great luck in my life when the guy of the ISP came by to install everything, it didn’t went good.

They had to replace the modem, call several places to check if line is good, giving the oke while being put on hold for 15+ minutes. Finding out the personal information didn’t match at all. So after 2.5 hours of calling, checking, more calling, checking. Only to finding out exactly on the day I would get internet access again the ISP was experiencing a technical failure with the signing in system for new clients! So after 30min more calling and checking we finally got internet! But only internet… The tv and the phone didn’t work but the most important thing was working! Late in the day we finally had tv but for the phone we have to wait till 3 June… But that is not that big deal since I use my mobile most of the time anyway!

So this week I was extremely busy with…. downloading all those episodes to catch up and watching!!! Almost done with catching up so will finally do some loot reviews which I got some aswell! Like Shamal, my 100th figure, a certain nice bikini figure and will post on a few figures for sale that I got to much of it!



  1. Welcome Back ^^

    I may know what they made because I’m working for an ISP too.

    • Thanks! According to the ISP it was a dirty order what causes these problems… ah well.

  2. Hurray!! Congrats on getting your internet back!

    • Arigatou! 😀

  3. Yay! It must feel great!

    • It felt great to open Firefox and see that Google page…. Dang I miss that so much Haha

  4. Yay internet!
    meaning lots and lots of cramming of anime ^^”

    • Indeed! It will be late nights in weekends for sure! 😛

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