Posted by: drcow | May 22, 2010

Weekly Desk.

What a mess!

What basically also described my week. Was quite hectic at my work. We had to finish a machine where you normally take like 8 weeks for it, but the dickheads wanted it done in 1 week because of their shit planning -_-

We didn’t make it since it was impossible because the stuff we needed didn’t arrived, weren’t allowed to work overtime. So pretty much big facepalm from me to my boss, Haha!

Besides work it was quiet and sunny outside. Only 4 days left till I got internet again if everything goes to the plan of the ISP which it better be! I got a lot of catching up to do!

Like a special review for my 100st figure!



  1. shit doing something that takes 8 weeks only in 1 O.o

    Yay 4 days =)
    must be happy ^^

    • Very happy indeed but will totally be happy when its really done

  2. Only 4 days left! Nice!
    And hell, that work is so impossible to finish. That’s why I don’t like with people who wants everything in a rush.

    • Yeah really dislike that kind of people and it just keep getting worse and retarded! Hence looking for a new job!

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