Posted by: drcow | May 15, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week was another quiet week. Still holding out!

Only need to hold out 11 days till I got internet back at my home! I did received some loot this week! 😀

Received my Feng! Pastel Box and my Bakemonogatari petit nendoroid set which you can see on the photo above when looking very good. You will see Hanewaka there :3. Also got my Sakura figure that I bought via

Other than that, it been quiet and should need to take more pictures here and there! Been slacking way to much T_T! Oh I did noticed yesterday that I’m almost reached my 100th!!! figure. Should celebrate that in a good way! Maybe a giveaway? 😛 Will see….



  1. 11 days! woot, hopefully it goes by quick, ^^

    nice loot, i should be receiving my bakemonogatari and other stuff sometime this coming week.

    • The last few days will go extremely slow I bet >.<

  2. Hanekawa and her Nekomimi XD congrats on your loot.
    only 11 days left, just a little more time and your internet will be back!

    • Thanks! Hanekawa is just to cute~ :3

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