Posted by: drcow | May 8, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week have a terrible one. Didn’t feel right, having headaches and all. But I do received the best news ever this week.

Got a call from my ISP and made a appointment on 26th of May so I will have internet again! Woo!!!!

Only need to hold it out for 2.5 weeks now! Other then that, have been playing some borderlands with my lil brother to kill time, cleaning up my room multiple times.

Today I found out my laptop is broken since I can’t get internet acces with it somehow. Which I hate because I don’t like using my sister computer since it full of spam, virus and crap. Way to many.

Anyhow only 2.5 weeks left till I can catch up the 6+ weeks of anime etc. 😀



  1. 6 weeks without internet. OMG!
    I would go rampage!

    Hope you have your internet back then!

    • Not going rampage since got internet on my mobile! Not that great but atleast I can check some stuff

  2. You certainly deserve a medal a big gold one!

    not having ”decent” internet is a huge problem for me…mind you i still have a life lol XD

    lots of catching up youll have to do.

    • Thanks! 😛

      You really become bored and irritated since almost everything this internet related.

  3. Still 2.5 weeks is very loooong! But that’s still good news. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do when your net is back.

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