Posted by: drcow | May 2, 2010

Otacool3 entry!

Anyone of you are gonna try on the next Otacool?!

I do! Didn’t made it to Otacool 1 and didn’t participate at 2 because I’m not a cosplayer. But now I can enter for Otacool3 since it is about Workspaces!

Info can find on and my entry here.

Hijacking my sister internet is good for this 😛



  1. I think I may enter. I didn’t really want to show off room in the first one and not a cosplayer.

    Plus be a little motivation to clean up a bit LOL!

  2. Your workspace is nice as usual, I’m sure your entry will be qualified. Goodluck! ^^

    My workspace looks cheap and I don’t even consider it as a workspace lol, so there’s no way I’m joining..

    I want to have nendo nanoha right now to match up with Fate just like yours.. :3

    • There is a lot of people trying it… Gonna be very hard and luck is needed!

      Fate always need Nanoha! And vice versa. The ultimate yuri couple :3

  3. Ye i heard about the Entry, i might give it a try, well my boxes are still in singapore so ye… depends if i get them or not. *sigh

    Your Workspace is nice as usual =)

    • You should try! Got nothing to lose right?

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