Posted by: drcow | May 1, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week was an average week. Nothing special.

Played some poker, where I lost. BBQ with some friends which was fun. Played a lot of the game Borderlands on the PS3 with my little brother, what really is great game to kill time with it. Other than that it was quite boring.

Still no internet and going into my 3rd week now, still haven’t heard anything of my ISP so I gonna call them again!

As you can see my desk is cleaned up quite a bit! In progress of relocating my figures and thinking some spots for my nendoroids so it will not be so crowded. No loot received this week! Quite a shock 😉

Still in search of a new job which I still haven’t found… 😦 Still hoping that my internet connection will be back up quicker than the estimated time of 9 weeks >.<



  1. 3 weeks no internet D:

    hey what happended to you nendo army?
    no invasion this time i guess =/

    Hopefully youll find a job!

    • Yep 3 weeks already ><

      Most of them are invading my TV desk now 😛

  2. I salute you for being able to stand-it without internet, if it were me I’d probably be dead now. XD

    Wishing you luck in your job hunting.

    • Thanks! Im holding it out quite well… Just 6 weeks left oef!

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