Posted by: drcow | April 24, 2010

Weekly Desk.

The first week without internet has passed… and my main computer haven’t been turned on the whole week! What also is the reason why my little girls occupy the whole desk.

This week has been a quiet week. Didn’t do anything special neither did anything special happen. Although I did finally received Fate-chan as you can see above. Received in total 3 nendoroids this week and all 3 are Fate Testarossa…. The plan was actually only 2 since I got 2 Nanoha but I preordered wrong when half asleep and thought I typed 2 and not 3 in the quantity box. But it is no biggie since I will sell the third and being a Nanoha fan I know I will have no trouble looking for a buyer for Fate nendoroid!

But other than that this week has been boring. I thought by myself I gonna kill time by playing on my PS3! Only problem is… I need internet access to play the games I like T_T.

Added 2 shots of my desk from a little different angle just for the fun of it! And I need do some Nendoroid stories again with so many I got now compared last year.



  1. Oh, you have Fate. I’m so jealous! I wasn’t able to order her T_T
    I want to buy your third one but I’m lacking funds right now..

    • Will sell her and some other stuff on when I got internet again… What will take 9 weeks lol enough time

  2. Your little army…
    wow kuddos for not using computer for a week..
    that would be hard for me.

    • The little army keeps growing…. And couldnt believe myself aswell not using for a week!

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