Posted by: drcow | April 17, 2010

Weekly Desk.

Nendoroid invaded!

This week has been a quite terrible week for me. Today I had my exams which took kinda ruined my weekend, but I think I made the exams quite good. Should hear the test results from a month from now… Yeah takes ages I know.

But the worst thing is that my internet connection is cut off!!! Because of a miscommunication of my ISP, they cut my connection off and I have now to reapply that will take at least 4 weeks to 8 / 9 weeks till I got Internet again…

Till then I’m not able to download new anime episodes, read new manga chapters, ordering/paying anime merchandise <— extremely important 😛 and what not. Blasphemy! Feels like when I was on vacation in Vietnam!

At least I will able to blog / twitter some here and there since I got unlimited internet access with my phone and I will visit my sister more often purely for internet access -_-‘.

I hope the DVD/Blu-Ray of Nanoha The Movie 1st pre-order will not commence in the period I don’t have internet access to. Since I need to camp the sites late in the night for it! 😀



  1. Oh noes! A similar situation happened to me, although it wasn’t internet related. I hope the issue gets resolved soon!

    I’ll let you know when I hear about the Nanoha movie DVD/Blu-Ray.

    • Thanks! That would help me a lot :3

  2. So many nendos….i want them!

    wtf 4 to 9 weeks for internet D:
    i dont know how ill cope…

    =/ hopefully it will come sooner then expected! =)

    • I hope indeed it will come sooner… You miss quite a lot not having internet

  3. You have a lot of nendos.

    It’s sad to hear that you lost your internet connection, hopefully you’ll get your connection again soon.

    • The nendo’s are growing way to fast!

      I also hope I will have internet connection soon 😦

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