Posted by: drcow | April 10, 2010

Weekly Desk.

As you can see my desk already got messy in a week time. My little daughters are starting to invade my desk again with their reinforcements!

Anyway, this week has been quite heavy on my mental side but the damage was a little reduced because some loot arrived. Loli Nanoha Stand by Ready, Saber Lily both from Alter. Still need do a review + photo shoot of them. Was planning to do it today while practising with self made light box. But it was very nice weather outside today, so I decided to go outside taking a stroll to clear my mind. Forgetting all the pressure and stuff.

The stroll took longer then I expected… Took about 1.30 hours when I was home again! Time passes by fast. So decided to postpone it to Sunday ( tomorrow ) with or without my self made light box.

Oh yeah, I did received another package this week. It contained Fate Testarossa nendoroid! Sadly that one is the one that I ordered for my little brother T_T
Perhaps next week if no customs intervenes…



  1. I see your watching Seto no Hanayome ^^

    i have yet to receive something =/

    • Seto no Hanayome is one great anime to watch / rewatch. Comedy is just golden

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