Posted by: drcow | April 4, 2010

Black Rock Shooter

Last week I finally gotten my Black Rock Shooter figure, and here is my little photo shoot on this amazing figure!

Since I don’t got great skills, but I think the pictures turned out ok. Off course it pales comparing to other BRS photo shoots out there.

The box is quite nice, if I do say myself.

BRS is certainly the first completed PVC figure where I took a lot of time to assemble it. The main reason for it is because the quite annoying chain, because for some reason I couldn’t get it right while you get an instruction with pictures showing how to do it… >.< Let alone the hair piece  switching, that was one irritating thing.

Seeing the figure in person is so much better than seeing online with all the pictures.

Like how the hair flows of this figure.

Totally love it! :3

Big gun is big O.o

The base is one of the most impressive I ever seen for a figure!

The flame is as you can see semi-transparent.

You can also display her without the flame which makes her much cuter but less badass in my opinion.

But can still look like a girl you don’t mess with… 🙂

So cute! :3

She got one fine …. 😀

The stitching here is very well sculptured.

The zipper looks absurdly big to me for some reason…

DFC… 😀

Like the boots. Simple and neat.

The base just looks so detailed!

The cracks are well made! GSC delivered an awesome base where Alter can learn from it.

Anyone hesitating of getting figure shouldn’t doubt anymore. She is worth every penny!



  1. Congratz on your BRS ^^
    I remember how excited I was when I got jer. She is really aweomse. On of those figures that I don’t want to give to anyone.

    Like my proud of this collection.

    Still nice pictures. Beside the 2nd one which is a bit blurry.

    Try using a tripod (don’t know if you are use it or not).

    • Yeah second one is indeed blurry. Saw that kinda late T_T. I do use a tripod, just that picture was taken from the hand.

  2. The base is one thing you don’t have to worry about scratching. =3
    congrats on BRS!

    • Indeed, would only make it look even better :P.


  3. She’s my fav PVC figure ^^ She’s really difficult to dust though T^T

    • Afraid of that aswell, maybe a can of compressed air… though kinda expansive for that T_T

  4. Nice BRS you got there. I decided to leave this one alone and wait for my Black Blade version to come. Hopefully she’ll be just as stunning.

    Nice shots!

    • Thanks!

      The blade version is be just as stunning, I’m sure.

  5. Hehehe you too manage to get her =)

    She looks amazing. love the pictures you took.

    • Thanks! :3

      Glad I didn’t pass her what my first intention was.

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