Posted by: drcow | April 3, 2010

Weekly Desk.

^ As you can see from the picture, my desk is a lot cleaner than last week 🙂

This week has been better than previous one.

Since only had to work for 3 days till weekend, also I finally received my Nanoha nendoroids that were held captive by customs… Such a small package sent by SAL still got caught! Blasphemy! T_T

This week I also received my Black Rock Shooter. Was doubting to get one but when I saw on one of the online shops only had 1 left in stock, I thought by myself it’s now or never! Glad I bought it. A shy photo shoot review will come soon as once I found a spot for her to display.

Also this week I began selling some old dvd’s and some of my multimedia devices like mouse’s, keyboards to raise some funds for the debts >.<

At least I got something to look forward next week. Since my Saber Lily, Nanoha loli 1st by Alter will arrive according the EMS tracking status 😀



  1. Hehe, it’s getting clean each week, huh? xD

    Ah how was B Gata H key?
    I liked it very much! xD

    I hope I will get soon an tracking ID for my Reimu too… Still not released -_-

    • B Gata H Kei is awesome! specially Yamada being voiced by the same person that did Nanoha… Tamura, Yukari *grin*

  2. I see mio clock!! ❤
    let me guess the chair you got it from ikea…have the same ^^

    I can imagine, being excited to receive something.. i have to wait until the end of the month =/

    • 😀 The chair is indeed from Ikea!

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