Posted by: drcow | March 23, 2010

Outdoor photoshooting. Practise nr. 1

Last sunday, was a sunny day to go out and take some pictures to practise on. Shoot a lot of pictures when I was in Vietnam outside but that is kinda different compared here. Also shot the most pictures here in Large format where I normally shoot in Small. Gonna try Medium format next time when it’s sunny in the weekend!

Went with my sister to stroll around and taking pictures. My sis shoots with a Canon 400D.

My sis waiting at the ATM. Sunbathing in the meanwhile. 🙂

This is one of our local snack bar. I worked here part-time when I was still a little boy enjoying school life and not having any worries.

Ordering some food. Since I worked here for quite some time ( +/- 6 years… ) 9 of the 10 times I don’t have to pay for the food I order if it’s small or 50% discount when it is a big order…. Not so good for the weight, that’s one thing for sure!

Our local skateboard, basketball place.

Train station. Only like 2-3 minutes walk from my house. No, you don’t hear the train when it passes by in our house, except if you got your window open and listen very carefully.

Our play yard for kids in front of our house. Very nice neighbourhood we live in.

Next time I will bring my little girls with me!



  1. Nice pics.
    love the one with the duck, as the reflection of the water is so beautiful purple kinda color.

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