Posted by: drcow | March 20, 2010

Weekly Desk.

This week has been a very tiring one. Had so many things ( still have ) to do. Been little down the last few days, why I don’t know.

Still waiting for my Nanoha nendoroid where I have been waiting for almost a month since it was shipped to me. SAL postage have been very slow lately! Argh!

But I received some nice stuff this week that soften the waiting which are:

– Konata & Kagami nendoroids in their Fate Stay Night cosplay!
– A nice Mio Akiyama clock from my little brother!
– The latest Megami magazine :3

Oh and off course the bikini girls are back on their usual spot on my desk :D. One big thing though is that I haven’t touched my PS3 for a week now while having FFXIII… Somehow XIII doesn’t appeal, urge me on to play untill I drop like VII, IX, X(-2) did. Will catch on it later.

But for now I have to get my priorities together to get all To Do list done asap!



  1. Yeah, it sucks to have so much to do and don’t have enough time for yourself.

    But nice things you get.

    • Yeah, being low on cash isn’t helping the situation either 😦

  2. I finally have a day off tomorrow, so that i can realx a bit. i also managed to get some figures ^^
    hope youll get some free time.
    Nice things you are getting even if its small.
    better to have something then nothing! =)

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