Posted by: drcow | March 13, 2010

Weekly Desk.

My desk was today quite a mess! Since I was planning do to some new positions with my figures and for the upcoming figures this month as well…

But this week was a quiet one. Didn’t did anything special besides my jogging every other day with my sister building up my condition slowly… 🙂

Got a new keyboard on my way for free from Logitech. Because mine got some issues where sometimes a key which I typed last will get stuck and will stay stuck forever till I unplug it -_-. So that is some nice customer service from Logitech!

Went to Ikea today to check out the sale they at from 30% to 70% discount on several stuff. Didn’t bought any stuff there that was discounted though 😦 , but do got some nice storage boxes for my magazines and nendoroids :D. Need to stop spending money ><


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