Posted by: drcow | March 11, 2010

Miyuki Takara cosplaying…

Miyuki of Lucky Star is here cosplaying as the shell bomb Sheryl Nome ( which I still need to get the figure somewhere when money allows it )

Got her from Mandarake for a nice price. Just need the other 3 of the cast, being Konata priority and then Tsukasa and as a least priority Kagami. While Kagami is my favorite of the 4 but her cosplay is the least appealing for me. But enough talking here are the pictures I took.

So sexy!

Seeing her more, more I want the original Sheryl Nome figure by Megahouse T_T

Doing close-ups will make you notice of things you don’t normally ( at least I do ) notice unless you really focus your eyes. Things like this:

At first I was like: What the …. my lens is dirty while having it cap on it to prevent it getting dirty, so I thought shit the mirrors are dirty. Then I checked Miyuki more closely and there was those little black spots. So time to clean it up!

Kinda like the hand for some odd reason…. ><


All in all she is a great figure! Must get if you are into Lucky Star and/or Macross Frontier!

Now waiting for my Nanoha Nendoroid that is on her way… Can’t wait for it!



  1. Hehe nice cosplay figure ^^

    • so hot!

  2. I like this figure of Miyuki. In fact i like the fourth of Lucky Start in cosplay. They’re so great. You are lucky to have one 🙂

    • Indeed! Just the money is a hold up 😦

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