Posted by: drcow | March 3, 2010

Nendo’s on vacation… Part 1

Been a while that I have returned from my holidays in Vietnam. Almost a month ago that I came back… So kinda late but hey, better late then never. My little  girls went with me to Vietnam and this is what they experienced.

Getting some fresh air at Hong Kong airport after 12 hours of flying. Waiting for the flight from HK to Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City.

Arrived and immediately they wanted out of the luggage! But they couldn’t be out for a long time since next day we went to a 2 week trip. Visiting several places.

Enjoying one of the hotel bedrooms…

If you go to Vietnam you need some head protection from the sun! Miku came prepared…

But as you see… there wasn’t much sun that day T_T

Enjoying being outside at a unknown place in a hotel, at a balcony 8 floors high… ( nendoroid terms would be 80 floors high? O.O ) Yeah they are got no fear of heights!

Kagami joins us with dinner…


The picture is quite blurry, but like the shot how she is balanced ^_^!

Hanoi beer… not my kind of beverage.

Boat trip!

As you can see it wasn’t really sunny that day and was quite chilly, but the girls enjoyed the ride a lot!

Except Miku…

Cave exploring!

Curious Kagami is curious!

O.o! Saber Lily floats!


Little windy…

Still got some photo’s left. Will do those the next day after the graduation party of my little brother!



  1. Nice, I like position and focus you are doing. Hope you had good fun at your vacation.

  2. Looks like they had fun. Reminds me of when I brought my Miku with me on my vacation. I wish I could go somewhere warm to escape the coldness.

    • They really had fun! Just need a few more months and it will be warmer!

  3. Despite the fact that sun wasn’t there, your littles sweetheart enjoyed the trip 🙂
    I loooove Kagami in the napkin. ❤ So kawaiiiiiiiiii Along when she's doing speleology.

    • She is indeed so kawaiiiiii! :3

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