Posted by: drcow | February 27, 2010

Weekly Desk.

Damn, was one hectic and busy week. During the crazy week I decided that I would do something weekly on my blog, just to try it out how it will work out.

Got several idea’s that I can do weekly but I better start something easy and take it from there.

So gonna basically post how my desk weekly looks like ;).

Messy, messy.

My little girls are claiming my desk for themselves… T_T

It really shows it pretty dusty ( I didn’t cleaned my keyboard this week yet >< ) although did wiped the dust of my little girls head yesterday and you already see some dust piling up :S



  1. I like it, it’s “otaku messy” =P Damn, why everyone have double monitor while I don’t =?

  2. It’s not the first time i read your blog but this time, i decide to leave a comment. I love a lot the place your nendos take in your life. To made them alive in your travels, i think it’s excellent.
    So you couldn’t entered the bathroom…. place reserved to girls. I wonder what happened in there. LooooL

  3. I just realized that I was wrong article to post my comment. Sorry 😦

    • =) Everyone makes mistakes. No need to say sorry.

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