Posted by: drcow | February 21, 2010

A little cleaning time…

Today I decided to clean  my 4 nendoroids then went with me to Vietnam. Which also reminds me I still need to upload some photo’s of my girls in Vietnam! Will be up hopefully this week 😉

Miku: Time for a bath!

Kagami: A bath with Onee-san…

Miku: Uh? Where is Mio-chan?

Kagami K. : Don’t worry, I will find her… :3

Pen-chan: What?! I want to take a bath as well!

Kagami K.: Mio, you are coming with me!
Mio: NO! Yui please help me!

Yui: Gambette!

What happens there will be always be a mystery. Since I wasn’t allowed to take pictures there… 😦



  1. Miku is funny with Luka face ^^

  2. It’s not the first time i read your blog but this time, i decide to leave a comment. I love a lot the place your nendos take in your life. To made them alive in your travels, i think it’s excellent.
    So you couldn’t entered the bathroom…. place reserved to girls. I wonder what happened in there. LooooL

    • I’m a real gentlemen…*cough* :3

      Thanks! They can make the most normal things look like if it’s the next world wonder 😀 .

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