Posted by: drcow | February 20, 2010

Loot of this week…

This week loot compared to my previous loot kinda pales… But hey, loot is loot right?!

This week I received another nendoroid to my growing army. It’s another girl who joins and while I tried to ask Kaito ( only male ) about this new recruit… Didn’t got a reply :(. To make it worse the other loot is also a female, being Nanoha in loli form! As a figma though making her my third figma.

Bought my nendoroid Riannon at Otacute. They are quite new and this wasn’t my first purchase at them. They ship fast, fast replies on emails, good website ( although it is kinda slow compared to other webshops I use, still good neverless ), 1 downside of Otacute is the packaging. The packages do arrive safely with no damage but how the item is packed with is quite weird to say at least. Riannon arrived here in a box that was originally of a brand that sell noodles. While I don’t really mind it, so long the package arrive safely and it is a good way to reuse cardboard boxes in a way. All I can say is that I found another webshop that I can safely buy figures ( even exclusive ones which is a big plus! ). But enough talking, time for some Riannon pictures.

I just love how the hood is attached on her head by a little magnet!

I totally like the hair that is flowing over her shoulder! :3

Next up is Nanoha figma of the movie! Should had her much earlier but because some PayPal issues it was delayed nearly 2 weeks. I got her via AmiAmi and so far I’m quite satisfied with them. Nanoha is my second item from them and I have put quite a lot preorders up there and hopefully those will turn out good as well.

When I received her, my first reaction was: Damn, she is small! But when I unboxed her my reaction wasn’t not “Damn, she is small!” anymore but to “HOLY SH*T! She is really small”. Then again she is a 9-year old loli… But the weapons she came with is just awesome!

I just love her! * Nanoha fanboy mode on *

They made Raising Heart for the movie way to awesome! I can’t wait to get STAND BY READY figure of Alter when it comes out!

Now… I said Nanoha was small right? Here you will see how small she is…

Yep almost the same size of a Nendoroid…

Just need to get my chaos in order so I can do my kind of review on the Petit Nendoroid Vocaloids! Yes I still got them boxed… And I mean I got all 3 boxes still unboxed. 😛



  1. Nice loot!

    • Thanks!

  2. Loli figma is loli small!
    I learned something new, yeah!

    Looks nice, but I think my second figma will be Black Rock Shooter. And Dead Master.

    • Not going to get any BRS related stuff at the moment…

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