Posted by: drcow | February 19, 2010

I’m done with it!

With my first week of work. After 8 weeks of holidays I had to go back to work this monday and today was the last day since it’s weekend!

That was my mood when weekend finally arrived!

But doesn’t mean I gonna relax right away, no. Got a lot of stuff to do.

Cleaning up my room since it is extremely messy, sending out some mail, paperwork and trying to sell my laptop and portable hard drive. Changing my internet provider since the one I got is terrible, while I thought it would be awesome ( It’s fiberglass connection ) but in reality I can’t even web browse normally while still able to download normally. So I’m going back to my old provider I had for 10+ years with unrivaled customer service – Almost 100% uptime – decent speed – no problems, till I changed to this “awesome” fiberglass connection 4 months ago.

My cashflow has been terrible since I came back from vacation.

But after all those things, which I hope to be done before saturday evening . Then I will be relaxing like this:

Oh yeah forgot… Got 2 new figures this week as well! Pictures of that will coming later. Or check at my collection here to find it out if you can 😉 .



  1. “Then I will be relaxing like this:”
    *see picture*
    Wait, you a girl? xDD Shi-!

    I had this week free. Next one will be start with school again. Hmm… I hate that.

    • I wish I was a girl and looking like that to boot!

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