Posted by: drcow | February 13, 2010

Reinforce Zwei “Rein”

Few days ago I finally got Reinforce Zwei also called Rein :3 non-scaled by Alter. She is totally a cutie in the anime and here as a figure.

Here she is out of the box.
Such a cutie isn’t she?! I’m very glad how Alter made her. It really catch her cute, happy side!

The details are very nice. Totally like the hand she is holding just for her forehead with that sweet smile!


Like  the flow of her hair. Like if there is a quite a breeze ( well consider her size in StrikerS… There will be always quite a breeze ) that gives this smooth flow and to finish that off, seeing Rein holding her hand near her eyes shielding it a bit.

The little book that Rein carriers is off course also included and made so like if it floats in the air, just what Alter also did with Hayate Yagami with her Tome of the Night Sky.

A shot from a certain angle for certain reasons…

She is just so adorable! :3

Still got Nanoha Exceed Mode to unbox but with no space in my cases where she fits…. T_T



  1. She’s so cute! Love her pose!

    • Very glad I got her! Was even the last one at the shop I ordered, lucky me!

  2. Yep, definite high score on the cutie scale!… Nice.. o.O

    • yep 😀

  3. It’s good that she’s not that big.

    • Yep, it’s a good thing they made her not to big since this size makes her only much more cutier!

  4. Nice. Maybe the first 1:1 figure?
    But yeah, she looks cute. I might order her too since I still can order her. Will see.

    About cabinet: I will have soon space for that! xD
    Wait for my next Blog entry.

    • She can be quite well a 1:1 figure :D.

      Say what?!?! you got a display case where she fits normally?!?!

      • Nah, I didn’t bought Fate or Nanoha.

      • but I presume you got a display case where figures like Fate / Nanoha could normally fit? O.O

      • I think not… xDD

  5. Reinforce is a cute character ^^ This is a great figure!

    • indeed! =D

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