Posted by: drcow | February 9, 2010

Nendoroid Reinforcement!

My nendoroid family or army, depends how you look at it. Have grown with a big jump when I came home from Vietnam, by 5!

All being lovely girls!

Yui: I finally joined a club!
Reimu: *silence*

Alphard: This place looks interesting…
Kuro: This gonna be fun! :3

Ready to join the army *cough* I mean family!

Reimu: * I wonder if they got any booze at this place *

Kuro: Who shall I make my first victim… :3

Yui: This club gonna be great!

Alphard: Interesting, seems everyone is a bunch of weaklings.

Pen-chan: I’m in HEAVEN!!! Neko cosplay, different school uniforms, shrine maiden, sexy badass ladies and popstars! I hit the BIG BANG MOE home!

Kaito’s reaction to these new female family members?




  1. Nice little 10 cm family you have there.

    • Thanks! they are so cute :3

  2. It’s the nendoroid attack !

    • Time to arm up!

  3. What about the Petit Vocaloids?

    I want to see all 36 of them!!!!


    • They will make their appearance soon!

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