Posted by: drcow | January 4, 2010

Nendo Carrier by Apple!

Yes you read it correct!

* this is an automatic post since by this time I will be in Vietnam touring around and will update some pictures I make there with my little girls when I got access to interwebs *

Apple made a Nendoroid carrier! And they did it without knowing it even.

First get a iPhone 3GS box. Yes got 2.

One is mine, the other of my little brother.

After ripping the stuff that where inside out…

They fit perfectly in it!

Some foam in it, so the nendoroid doesn’t shake around when moving.

The best thing of this little padding it doesn’t move the nendoroids around in the box when you shake it. :3

All ready to go!



  1. Lol never thought of that! I was looking for something to store my nendoroid mio whenever I go out. Now, im going to steal my aunt’s iPhone 3Gs box :3 muhaha

  2. Nice idea.
    But… I don’t want use Apple for something like that. Apple is… a bit strange and maybe something will happen with my Nendo

    • Had to use the boxes for something usefull ;P

  3. Thankss for articless

    • No problem!

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