Posted by: drcow | December 28, 2009

Getting ready…

for my vacation!

Started packaging today, only my hand luggage since my mom did mine main luggage. 😛

Only 4 short days left before my departure at Schiphol to Vietnam. 12 á 14 hour trip in the plane.

Passport ready!

Vaccination pass ready!

Hand luggage of main which will contain pretty much the most expensive stuff. My laptop, DSLR, razor, compact camera, chargers for those electronics crap, an extra set of glasses… Not to forget the most valuable among all things will be my nendoroids!

Sadly will only bring 2 or 3 of my little daughters with me. But that should be good enough.



  1. Have a nice trip!

    • Thank you!

  2. I hope your laptop don’t weight 5kg like mine (reason why I will get a new one these days).

    But it’s so damn to have all those things to take. I know that. And when I travel next year to Egypt again, I will have my DSLR. My next problem, duh.

    Anyway, hope that you will have a nice trip, come save home and take some nice photos with your Nendos!

    • Thanks!

      Maximum weight of your laptop you can bring is 5kg!?! Hmmz… got to call my airport to ask about that

      • No!You understand that wrong. Your laptop can be heaver too.
        But for yourself is pretty bad to have it while your are traveling with so many goods.

  3. Oh, phew. Was little troubled there for a while :P.

    True, but don’t got any acces to another laptop that is smaller since of my lil’brother is the same -_-‘.

    Saving up for a Mac pro or air those are so lightweight =D

    • Such an Mac are just too expensive.

      And thats why I will get a new one. Too much money I spent lately.

      • Getting a new one when mine dies which I hope will take atleast 3 more years 😛

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