Posted by: drcow | December 27, 2009

Nendo Part Carrier

Nendo Part Carrier. In short term: NPC

Last week when I did some shopping I came across to this little box. Which looked quite good for carrying the heads and other little parts of my Nendoroids when I go to Vietnam on January 1st.

Not the best carrier but it works =) . To make it safer to transport around my little girls thought some extra ” airbags ” will help.

Kagami: We found the airbags! Just need someone to measure how big it must be…

Mio: This is where I come in! This should be a piece of cake. Let me get my stuff.

Mio: Hold it steady Miku.

*30min later*

Mio: Oke, time to draw the lines.

Mio: Done! Just need to get some people to cut this for me.

Saber Lily: You called?

Saber Lily: It’s not like I did it for you!

Mio: Time to check if it fits.

Miku: Here is the glue!
Kaito: My hand! give back my hand!

* waiting patiently to dry *

All done! =D



  1. Ahhh damn. I’m still searching for something like that >.<

    • I’m glad I found a store that selling this kind of stuff and very cheap to boot

  2. Awesome find. The heads fit perfectly.

    • Thanks! Gotta buy another soon for more heads! 😉

  3. All safe and secure!

    • ready to fly around half the world! =D

  4. But it’s taking almost half of the space! XD

    • It’s oke, now the heads stay on one spot and will not move around like crazy when transporting and if I arrange it quite closely I can put six heads in one of those big space ^^ and the foam is very soft so it takes less space then it actually does.

  5. I have a few boxes like this as well cept I didn’t put foam >_< .. is it me or .. It starts to get scary when u realize u have a box of beheaded nendos! Kiyaaaaaaa!

    • Plus the fact some of those beheaded nendos are smiling aswell! O.o

  6. Very cool idea for extra floors for head’s storaging DrCow ^^

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