Posted by: drcow | December 24, 2009

World is Mine!

Yesterday I posted a christmas present that I bought for myself 😛

After unboxing her I have to say this version is Miku is the best PVC figure released so far. Even dare to say better then BRS. But geuss that depends on personal view.

I totally love her pose, the bitchy look and the KNEEL BEFORE MY FEET you creaton! ( Yes, Miku-sama! ) aura that she gives out.

Like how ” World is Mine supercell ” is printed on aswell.

Totally in love with this look :3

Like the headphone on it aswell 🙂

All in all she is totally worth every penny!

Here is the song: World of Mine on youtube =D



  1. She looks very nice.
    But like I said at the post before I don’t like much the concept with the frame.

    I will get my BRS soon (hope it) and will order VN02.

    • I hope I can get BRS aswell when stores like AmiAmi / HLJ / HS got some restocks by the time they got restocks I pray I got the money for it!

      Miku VN02 also ordered that one =D. Takes 6 months + 1 or 2 ( delays ) but enough time to save up some €

  2. She’s very beautiful. I like her flowing hair and that face.

    • Same here! =D She is so far my favorite Miku pvc figure up to date.

  3. Haah zo’n mooie figure @o@ Ik ben ook maar gaan figureshoppen voor kerst XD

    Waar bestel jij normaal je figures? Ik ken eigenlijk alleen Archonia (zonder killing verzendkosten), maar daar is deze nog niet uit 😛

    (en lol, zelfde blogtheme XD; *easily amused* )

    • Dank je!

      Bestel me figures bij AmiAmi / HLJ / HobbySearch en Otacute en verzending via SAL ( goedkoopst ) en soms EMS als ik me figure snel wil hebben

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