Posted by: drcow | December 23, 2009

Random pictures

Been quite busy with celebrating my vacation that begun last friday, preparing for my vacation, surviving the snow and I think the main reason I didn’t post anything for a while was being to darn lazy… 😦

Saturday I went to town to shop some stuff for my vacation including a carrier for my nendoroids pieces which will be post later. Photo’s taken with my compact camera due it’s easier to carry around for some fast snapshots.

Didn’t used my car during the snowing period but saturday I had to and there was quite some snow on it… >< Give or take 5 to 9cm of snow on my car. Can you spot Kagami?

She likes snow :3

After a good  15 min of making my car clean enough to drive around it looked like this.

Note to self: Never ever let snow heap up otherwise the snow beneath will come ice which is a pain the arse + it adds a lot of unnecessary weight to your car which equals to more gasoline.

After little shopping it was time to eat some hot soup.

The next day it snowed again and my car looked like this…

At least it was less than before 😛

Sunday evening I went to my sis and Kagami found some nice things.

Do found out the quality of a compact camera is so bad compared to a DSLR…

Anyway received some items this week. What it is well… ^o^


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