Posted by: drcow | December 13, 2009

Cleaning display case nr. 1

Got a new display case this weekend… the infamous Detolf. The main reason that I bought is that, I can relocate Fate T. to the detolf so I can remake my little Saber Lily shrine… :3

Although not really having the space to put the detolf in my room…. where? Well you got to wait little longer when I will post my complete room before next year hits.

First I thought I would just put Saber Lily back to her holy ground but then I thought by myself… Well almost end of the year lets clean the whole display case anyway and next week the other one.

Then I actually realize how fast my collection grew only in a year…. This is how big my collection was 6 months ago [Clicky] . Now 6 months later clearing display case nr. 1 which was not even holding half of my collection looked like this:

Table full already! I have burned a lot of money this year with this new hobby of mine I started a year ago… ><

Next up is display case nr. 2 next weekend



  1. Lots and lots of figures!

    • indeed! And it’s not even half of it ><.

  2. Yep. it’s an expensive Hobby.
    But which hopy is not expensive?

    I think I will buy one of these soon too.

    • True, the Ikea detolf is nice but I prefer my other display cases more though.

  3. Nice collection ^^ Fate from Alter is really a beautiful figure ^^

    • Thank you! :3

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