Posted by: drcow | December 9, 2009

Everyday… They are always happy to see you

Every day I coming home from work or nightschool feeling tired, grumpy or down. I always got my little family to cheer me up when I go behind my desk to chill.

This is how they greet me almost everyday :3

If interested in exchanging links ( blogrolls ) tell me =)

+ a little youtube clip just for how awesome nendoroids are!



  1. Nendoroids are awesome! I have seven petit ones and one regular one. Their so cute!

    • They are! Brightens my day everyday when I see them ❤

  2. Just to be in your room on your pc is a sign you made the day and the rest can shut their mouth.

    No more empty smilie or something for coustmers they only want say how bad your job is or how bad the company you work there.

    Just relax.

    • indeed! My own world :3

  3. I know how you feel. Kaito greets me when I come back from school everyday with his arms up and a big smile!

    • That kind of thing just makes your day =D

  4. Nendoroid are really cute ^^

    • To cute! :3

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