Posted by: drcow | December 5, 2009

Farewell, Saber Lily Shrine

Today is the day I had to destroy my little Saber Lily shrine. The reason for it is that I opened my Fate T. Harlaown in Sonic Form by Alter and the only place in my display cases is where my Saber Lily shrine is located. Since I don’t want my figures collect dust ( in display cases they still collect dust but on an extremely small rate ). To think of it… Don’t think I ever posted my “new”  shrine before.

This or rather was my little shrine of Saber Lily.

Figma Saber Lily also a nice mouse pad and a trading card game.

Saber Lily PVC figure by GSC, Saber Lily glass, mug with the spare sword of GSC figure and a collector card.

Final shot before taking the shrine down… *waves*

And here she is… Fate-chan taking a shitload of space. Need to find a display case with a depth of 50cm, minimum 40cm high and 120cm wide to display her proper with Nanoha when she is released.

She fits just barely… When Nanoha arrives I guess I will not unpackage her due to no room left in my display cases! MADNESS! Let alone Saber Lily of Alter aswell loli Nanoha aswell made by Alter



  1. Well, big figures need much room!
    And I know the problem too.

    I don’t have any left soon!

    • Yeah! But Fate really takes the meaning of big figures are big literally 😛 for a 1/7 O.o

  2. Fate is really impressive and big ! You Saber exposition is really nice !

    • Thanks!

      Fate is really big! way bigger then expected…

  3. One of the reasons why I didn’t get Fate. She’s too big.

    • But you can always keep her in the box till you got place for her! 😉

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