Posted by: drcow | December 3, 2009

Final loot of this year…

Received yesterday my last loot of this year most likely… Got some figures on pre-order that will be released in December ( If they can keep their word on the release date… ) but doubt the shipment will be fast enough to arrive. Which is kinda painful since I will go on holidays 1st January to Vietnam for 6 weeks 😛

As you can see I got Fate Sonic form by Alter and the MOE MOE KYUN Mio! She so damn cute and Fate is to awesome!

She is so detailed, slick, sexy, badass and don’t forget that ass… =D

She is one HUGE figure! Measuring with base around 34cm high, 40cm width, 70cm!!! depth ( that is with Zanber naturally.. ) is need to display her if you want to display her so that she is facing you. Anyone of you got that kind of display case?… Not me 😦

I really like how high quality those swords are. You can see the reflection clearly on it!

She takes A LOT OF SPACE!

Haven’t taken a lot of pictures of Mio due to my room is quite a mess… but more will come soon with the family!



  1. Hehe nice loot ^^
    Fate looks super!
    Like her fight pose. Very powerfull.

    Mio looks very cute with her face.
    But still won’t buy her xD

    And for me:
    I just get my first loot for this month.
    Its a Yagyu Jubei by Alter! xD

    • but but Mio is to cute to leave behind!

  2. big sword ^^

    • =D very big :3

  3. Nice loot ! Fate is amazing and Mio really cute !!

    • They really are! 😀

  4. She looks amazing. She’s currently pointing at me with her Zanber from atop a chest of drawers. Speaking of Zanber, it’s really heavy (65g) but they made her very well as she doesn’t fall over even without using the optional supporting stand. Even so, I put it under her sword for safety’s sake.

    • She is indeed amazing. Can’t wait to display her with Zanber when I found a display case where she fits

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