Posted by: drcow | November 20, 2009


It’s weekend and time for some relaxing wich means happy face seen below and some gaming aswell to relieve stress.

What kind of game? Read on and experience one of the best MMORPG

EVE-Online is one game I like to play since you don’t need to be active a lot to enjoy the game. Like in World of Warcraft by raiding a lot to get epix! etc. Which I did aswell quite hardcore but quitted like 6 months ago because of lost of interest.

Anyway if you wondering how EVE-Online looks well here are 3 little movies of the game. First is of the makers themself ( CCP ) and the other 2 are made of the players themself wich is very good!


To make it even better…. It’s all in game graphics ^^



  1. I tried it and I stoped after 1 hour.
    I’m not an MMORPG guy.
    I even stopped to play Aion. It’s good… but I play better action Games like Modern Warfare 2 or something. Something with bang, cool weapons and great shoots!

    But I like Guild Wars too. But somehow its dying.
    So I’m waiting for GW2.

    I have to work tomorrow. -_- Great/short weekend and I have almost no time for Assassins Creed II

    • It does take time to get into the fun part of a MMORPG and EVE takes longer then your average MMORPG.
      Not played Aion, looks interesting but due to no cash = no play

      Work is also needed, since we need money for those nice, juicy figures =D!

      My little brother is playing AC II like there is no tomorrow =S damn addicted. Personally don’t like it 😛

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