Posted by: drcow | November 19, 2009

Blond, Blond and more blond

Yesterday I received my late October loot wich contained some very beautiful ladies 😉

Here they are!

2x Saber Lily Nendoroid

1/4 Fate T. Harlaown in one sexy bikini!

See the size difference! O.o

I got to say Fate looks so gorgeous plus the fact she is wearing a bikini that is little on the small side which I don’t mind at all 😀

The light is not perfect since it’s shining from above hence the shadow you see on Feito-chan’s face 😦 But we got 2 eyes to compensate!

I totally like her expression and the pose she got. With her 2 arms leaning backwards on her head ❤

Another photo from the side. I really like the black ribbon on her left arm.

I like the details on her feet with the nail polish just like Nanoha got aswell 😀

A nice angle from below for certain things….

SEIBA!!! Had to wait so long for them!

Saber Lily: It’s not that I like you that I allow you take pictures…!
Tsundere! ❤

Saber Lily: You can take as many pictures as you want… Anywhere Anytime…

Family shot!

Say cheese!

Kaito: You are forgetting me!

And now the place where my 2 bikini girls are standing ( due to being to big to fit into my display case )



  1. Fraggin’ HUGE…. just massive. Lovely figure, you can see the skin tones.

    • Yeah, the 1/4 keeps surprising me how big it is… So awesome

  2. Somehow I lol’d when I saw on the left and right those big figs!

    I would get problems to look in the middle.

    • Lately my eyes been concetrated near the edges of my screens… weird

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