Posted by: drcow | November 17, 2009

Teana Lanster

This month loot arrived faster than the loot I was expecting at end of October… That package is still being kept hostage at our nice custom people for 3 weeks now! =/
Anyway, I had to get her when HobbySearch announced their sale and saw her for a mere 2080 yen +/- !!!

I quickly ordered her via my iPhone since I didn’t want to take the risk and order her when I got home from work. And it was a wise decision! Since she was sold out when I was done with work… Phew!

Her she is! She is actually my first girl who actually wears “modern” weaponry. All others are wearing swords, spears, staff, axe. But can add guns to the list now 😀
She looks better than on the stock photo’s and her pose is much better then I expected.

For some reason I liked to shoot from below for this figure…
Brings out the awesomeness of this figure 😉

The more I look at her, the more I start to like her…
Because that is she looks very hot in the latest manga…. *drool*

A shot from above.

Shot from the back wich for some reason I like… Because that skirt is so short! *grin*

Off course when a panty shot is available… you gotta make one. * The unwritten rule! *

She also comes with guns that is in the second form. Wich I most likely not gonna use but who knows….
At least my little girls got something to play with!

Miku & Kagami: ” We got new weaponry!!!

Kaito:  “HOLY SH*T!” They got upgrades?!?!



  1. Wise choice to order her asap.

    I wanted her too when I saw the sale, but I was too late. Best Teana figure.

    “Off course when a panty shot is available… you gotta make one. * The unwritten rule! *”

    For sure! xD

    • Yeah, it was really a wise choice to order her. I hesitated for few minutes of thinking to wait to order though… Thank god I didn’t 😀
      She is indeed the best Teana figure there is! 😀

  2. Nice buy!

    The poses are nice and your photoskills are getting better ^^

    Those 2 last pics are lol.

    • Thanks! Trying my best 😀

  3. You make really great pictures. Teana is really nice !

    • Thank you!

  4. Nice photos of Teana. ^^

    Congrats on getting her at that excellent sale price! When she was originally released had seen the figure but never really got around to buying it even though she is my favorite from all the new character in “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS”.
    Actually did eventually buy her at a convention a few weeks ago, very glad I did, she’s a great figure.

    Only drawback is her large base though.

    • Yeah, after buying her and seeing how she looks… she is very underrated figure of the series Alter released so far. Base is indeed a bit on the large side but I think she can stand on her own. Gotta try that out when I redo my display case

      • She actually does stand fine without it, tried it before when I was setting all the figures up in my recently acquired Detolf display case.

      • Oh sweet! time to brainstorm how to do my display case ^^

  5. She’s really awesome! I’ll get her sometime.

    • She is indeed awesome! Didn’t expect her to be so well made and look so good ( wasn’t really my fav character of StrikerS but she is if you only count the new characters next to Vivio purely she got the 2 hottest moms ever 😛 )

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