Posted by: drcow | November 8, 2009



14 Dec. is my birthday and my little brother is giving me as a present: a anime based decal for my car!

At first I wanted one of that is showing on the picture above. With Konata holding her thumbs up! But sadly with my bad searching skills couldn’t find any image of that.

So I have to go and find another image for my car wich you come in! Since I can’t decide myself ^^

What kind of anime related image should I get on my car?!

Anime based things I like:

Nanoha series
Kiddy Grade
Fate Stay Night
Rosario & Vampire
Lucky Star
Candy Boy

and alot more… to see what wich characters I like alot can be seen here: Drcow Collection

If you are a Fan Artist and you got some awesome work of characters I like and want it to be made in a decal, I’m not stopping you and post/comment your fan art!
If I choose your fan art and you have put your signature on the left/right bottom that will be also be put on the decal and you will receive offcourse the credits for your work + people in the Netherlands will see it when I drive around!

Offcourse you need to see what kind of four wheels I own to make a better judgement:




The back.

Hope you guys can help me with choosing a nice decal!



  1. I did find that picture; I guess it could be enhanced when it is going to be enlarged:

    • Awesome! Thanks alot of finding the image! ❤

  2. Apparently, html doesn’t work here; the link is OK though.

  3. Hmm, nice car btw.

    Why you don’t try something psycho itasha?
    I would do that if I have the right car, the money and someone who knows that can do something like that!

    (dreams that have an EVO X with Higurashi Style)

    • Thanks!

      Wouldn’t to any absurd psycho ( blood gore etc. ) But a nice image of Beatrice aka *beato* would be nice ^^

      • Oh come one… Beato is maybe a bit crazy but not a psycho!

      • Yeah tru! One crazy hot lady with style 😛

  4. Kagami Miku Miku is so cute on the first picture !

    • such a sweetie! *hugs*

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