Posted by: drcow | November 4, 2009

Sisters, Twins, Yuri, Cute, Sweet…etc


After seeing Candy Boy… I just had to get their figures! Why?

Well it contains: beautiful girls wich are sisters, cute, tsundere, romance, twins, animation is AMAZING and most important it is YURI! and it’s even incest… O.o all that combined = MUST WATCH MUST GET!

First up is Kanade Sakurai, my favorite of the 2. The lightning in my room is quite bad for making decent pictures… Don’t got space ( yet ) for a separate place to make any decent figure shoots.




The details, paint are quite below my expectations and most likely due to the treatment of having Saber Lily of GSC where the details is quite on another level. But that is quite understandable due to the fact Saber Lily is way more wanted and the hot twin sisters…

Nonetheless I still like this figure. Captures quite well of her personality having that gentle calm look. Quite different to her sister Yukino wich is seen below.




Yukino got the playful pose which fits her perfectly. What automatically makes this figure look a lot better than Kanade due to Yukino having her dynamic pose and the movement pose which adds more to the figure. I totally like her cheerful smile what you also see in the anime.


Off course you need a panty shot!


Here you see them together! ❤

If you liked Candy Boy very much I would recommend these figures! You will not regret it. Below a short film of Candy Boy, how it looks and one of the awesome theme song!



  1. Really cute pair~ they are really sweet together.

    • Yeah, they are so lovely!

  2. They are cute and sweet, but I prefer Yukino ^^ Thank for these pictures

    • =D Your welcome

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