Posted by: drcow | November 3, 2009

OTACOOL Book = Wicked!


A week ago finally got my OTACOOL book in it and it looks wicked! Although I’m not in it as in a double page one ( In there with a single picture, but still in it! )


By taking off the cover wich you just slide/open of the book, you will see the sexy and lovely Mirai which is the mascot of Danny Choo website/blog wich can be found here: DannyChoo, you can also check which is also from Danny. Recommend both of them if you are interested in anything related to Japan culture or the Otaku world!


Close up of Mirai ❤


Plain page but it brightens up with Mirai and the awesome words next to her…





That’s what all counts! 😛

There are a lot of rooms in there but to take a picture of each will ages so I kinda backed off with that. So here are 2 rooms I present of the book.


Danny Choo, “God” of the otaku and a person to be jealous of since he gets quite alot of free samples! *grrrr*

Next one up is of Aya Kyunik since in there is lovely Saber Alter DD


Lovely Room! Not to mention SAIBAH!!!


Had to use the help of my little girls to keep the book open 😀



  1. I got also a copy though Amazon, otacool is selling a lot!!!

    I think your room should deserved more space. It was cool and modern. it is better than some which had 2 pages.

    • Ehm…just noticed…maybe you werent chosen because you havent so many kotobukiya’s figures. Only one ^^u

      • Maybe 😛 But I always try again for Otacool nr2! =D

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