Posted by: drcow | October 26, 2009

Sengoku Rance!

Well been a while that I update my blog wich I normally would do in the weekends…

But this weekend I finally could play the game called Sengoku Rance!

The game was out in 2006 and why so late I could play?

The game is finally FULLY translated and played pretty much the whole weekend.

My verdict? It really earns all the high praises it gets!

It has a great story, awesome pervert main character wich naturally involves some H-scenes, great characters. One of the best part is that it’s quite damn hard game! A real challenge.

My favorite character of the game ( most likely for everyone else ) is: Uesugi Kenshin!

She is just so cute, sexy everything!

cg01558Isnt she cute?!

Always had a interest of buying a figure of her of FREEing

Blitzy1248526021Looks so beautifull and detailed!

My rule is always: I will not buy any figures without knowing the background of the character. She was the first one that almost pulled me over the edge of buying her without knowing anything about her. But after playing the game she is now totally on my GET IT WHEN ENOUGH MONEY! 😀



  1. I swear, the detailing on these figures that I may have to become figure wota as well as anime wota.

    • When you gonna collect figures… prepare to mourn your wallet like I do every month 😦

      • I know… sigh.

  2. […] wota out there, especially you H-gamers, share your love with drcow by sending him a comment about Sengoku Rance.  I’m sure it’ll be […]

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